Our Curriculum

Art and Design



In Art and Design we open doors to the world of creativity, as we learn to master the formal elements of art and express ourselves through drawing, painting, sculpture and more.


Art and Design Curriculum Statement

Art and Design Learning Adventure

Art and Design Key Progression




In Computing we open doors to modern and future technologies, as we learn to become responsible digital citizens and master the skills to utilise technology effectively.


Computing Curriculum Statement

Computing Learning Adventure

Computing Key Progression

Design and Technology



In Design and Technology we open doors to products, design and innovation, as we learn to master the skills of cooking, woodwork, textiles and mechanisms.


D & T Curriculum Statement

D & T Learning Adventure

D & T Key Progression




In English we open doors to the world of literature and communication, as we learn to write for a variety of purposes and read for understanding.


Reading & Phonics Curriculum

Writing Curriculum





In Geography we open doors to the world we live in, as we learn to become informed and active citizens within our local, national and global community.


Geography Curriculum Statement

Geography Learning Adventure

Geography Key Progression




In History we open doors to understand the past, as we learn to master historical skills to investigate and explore the events and people of history. 


History Curriculum Statement

History Learning Adventure

History Key Progression




In Maths we open doors to the world of numbers, calculation, geometry, measures and statistics, as we master essential mathematical skills for learning and life.



Mathematics Curriculum Statement

Mathematics Learning Adventure

Mathematics Progression

Modern Foreign Languages



In learning French, we open doors to the wonderful world of linguistics, learning to read, write and converse in a new and unfamiliar language. 



French Curriculum Statement

French Learning Adventure

French Key Progression





In Music we open doors to the world of music, composition and instruments, as we learn to play, compose and appreciate Music from around the world. 



Music Curriculum Statement

Music Learning Adventure

Music Key Progression

Physical Education



In PE we open doors to the world of sport and exercise as we learn to become physically active, healthy citizens.


PE Curriculum Statement

PE Learning Adventure

PE Key Progression

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education


In PSHE we open doors to ourselves, as we explore relationships, emotions, healthy living, rights and responsibilities.


PSHE Curriculum Statement

PSHE Learning Adventure

PSHE Key Progression

Religious Education



In Religious Education we open doors to faith and the diversity of our world.


RE Curriculum Statement

RE Learning Adventure

RE Key Progression





In Science we open doors to understanding the world around us, as we learn about the biology, chemistry and physics of our amazing world. 


Science Curriculum Statement

Science Learning Adventure

Science Key Progression