Local Academy Committee

As St Peter’s is an academy within a ‘MAT’ its governance structure differs from that of a County Council maintained school and is follows:

MAT Members’ Board

Members hold ultimate accountability for the schools within the MAT and have the power to appoint and remove directors.  Members sign off directors’ annual financial statements and report.

MAT Board of Directors/Trustees

The main responsibilities of the directors or trustees are to ensure the quality of educational provision within the MAT schools and to ensure that operation is in accordance with the Funding Agreement between the MAT and the Education Funding Agency (part of the Department for Education).  Directors report annually to the members on progress and present their financial statements and annual report.  Within the Board of Directors there is a separate Finance committee which provides financial oversight to other members of the Board.

Local Governing Body

The main responsibilities of the Local Governing Body of St Peter’s (and of those of the other MAT schools) are to support the vision of the MAT; to provide a monitoring role in connection with the operations of the school and to represent the views of the local community.  Governors report to directors through approved minutes and headteacher’s regular reports.  There are three sub-committees within the Local Governing Body at St Peter’s: Finance & Premises; Policy & Curriculum and Strategic & Personnel. Each Governor belongs to at least one of these committees and each committee meets at least once per term.

Business and Pecuniary Interests of Governors