School Uniform

At St. Peter’s the staff and Governing Body believe that the wearing of school uniform gives pupils confidence in themselves, pride in the school and helps to promote a feeling of belonging to the school community.

Our uniform consists of:

  • Girls
    • White blouse
    • Royal blue sweatshirt or royal blue cardigan with school motif
    • Grey skirt, pinafore dress or smart trousers (not leggings)
    • Black, sensible shoes (not boots or training shoes)
  • Boys
    • White shirt
    • Royal blue sweatshirt with school motif
    • Grey tailored trousers
    • Black, sensible shoes (not boots or training shoes)

Summer (optional)

  • Girls
    • Blue and white gingham dress
  • Boys
    • Grey shorts


  • White T-shirt
  • Navy blue/black shorts
  • Pumps/training shoes (dependent upon activity)

Jogging bottoms are only to be worn if specified by the class teacher for an outdoor activity.

Items should be kept in a named drawstring bag to hang on a peg.


  • One-piece costume (Girls) / trunks (Boys)
  • Swimming cap (Girls and Boys)
  • Towel

Items should be in a named waterproof bag.


  • A named overall or oversized shirt is required for art activities.
  • Clothing with inappropriate slogans is not acceptable.


  • The wearing of sensible footwear is encouraged.
  • High heeled or platform shoes should not be worn for health and safety reasons.
  • Training shoes are not suitable or healthy as all day footwear. However they may be brought to school to change into over lunchtime.

The only items of jewellery permitted for pupils to wear in school are non-valuable wristwatches and plain stud earrings.  These should always be removed for P.E and swimming.  If a child is unable to remove his/her own earrings, e.g. if ears have recently been pierced, s/he will not be permitted to participate in P.E. and swimming.

Elaborate hair decorations are not suitable for school.

Exaggerated, highly gelled hairstyles are not permitted in school due to these being distracting and encouraging too much competition between pupils.

Hair shaved to the equivalent of ‘number 1’ or ‘number 2’ grade haircuts is not permitted for pupils for the same reasons.

The wearing of make-up, including nail varnish, is not suitable for school.


Many items of uniform are available to purchase at a competitive rate from a local supplier; please ask at the office for further details.