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Diary Dates

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the diary dates for the summer term.


School Success

The school recently received a letter from the Department for Education (DfE) congratulating everyone on the high standard of achievement – in Maths in particular. All Year 6 children in this school last year either achieved or exceeded the expected standard in maths and this means that St. Peter’s is in the top 1% of primary schools in England for attainment in maths.

A copy of the letter from the DfE may be viewed HERE.


IMPORTANT – Changes to Code of Conduct Regarding Term-time (Including Holiday) Absence

You may recall that a few years ago, the Department for Education (DfE) introduced changes to the law regarding parents taking their children out of school during term time.  This in turn meant that Staffordshire Local Authority amended its Code of Conduct which sets out how these changes are implemented and its use of penalty notices (fines) to ensure that the highest standards of attendance are promoted.

In light of the recent Isle of Wight court case and the subsequent Supreme Court ruling on school absences the Code of Conduct was updated in September 2017.  As a result, there are some changes to previous guidance regarding absence from school.  The new guidance will come into effect on 1st January 2018 and details of the updated guidance may be found HERE.


Parent Questionnaire 2017

Many thanks to those parents who completed the recent questionnaire.  A total of 49 questionnaires were returned to school which represents just over half of those eligible to do so – a really pleasing figure.  It is especially gratifying that all parents who responded would recommend this school to another parent.

Please CLICK HERE to see an overview of the results of the questionnaire.